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You can choose one of our small schools in Ferrol or Coruña.
The quality of our services is a priority for us; therefore we put all our means at your disposal to turn your experience into a success. The classes are given by qualified, motivated and enthusiastic teachers .



  • Duration of the courses: as many weeks as you wish
  • Number of participants: 2 to 5 people per group

  • 1 hour = 60minutes

Standard Courses

Choose one of our courses with 6 lessons a week. Contact us for more information.

Intensive 20

This course is held from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It contains 4 periods of 60 minutes per day, 20 hours per week. The intensive course is for all levels and takes place the whole year.

Intensive 25

Additionally to the intensive 20 course, you can take one extra hour daily in one of the following areas:

  • Conversation
  • Business Spanish l
  • Preparation for the DELE exams

The extra hour is organized into small groups of 2 to 4 people

One-to-one course

This individual course is aimed at all those who want to improve their linguistic competence in a particularly effective way and in the shortest possible time. At the beginning of the course your teacher will help you to choose your programme. You can also decide how many hours a week you wish to book, or even ask to share your course with another student. Private lessons can also be taken in addition to other courses.


3 weeks of intensive course in preparation for the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE), with 20 hours a week.


Beginner (A1)

Especially for students without any previous knowledge of the Spanish language. Our objective is to be enable you to make yourself understood in simple everyday life situations.

Elementary (A2)

At this level participants already possess a basic vocabulary and some knowledge of grammatical structures. Vocabulary and grammar will be further extended so that you will be able to take part in simple conversations.

Intermediate (B1)

The intermediate level is aimed at students who are confident with basic grammatical structures. The emphasis is on more complex structures such as the past tenses and the subjunctive. Course participants will be encouraged to participate in more sophisticated conversations.

Advanced (B2)

This level is for those students who possess a sound knowledge of Spanish grammar and wish to further extend this knowledge by putting their skills into practice. The course will enable you to express yourself confidently in daily as well as in work situations.

Superior (C1)

This formula enables you to start your course in one city and to continue in a different one while following the same programme.

Our approach

Our philosophy rests on values found in human relationships, on "intercambio" (an exchange of more than simple linguistic skills) and on top quality teaching where the student is at the centre of our preoccupations, receiving personalized attention in a friendly, warm and  atmosphere.
Therefore our schools are small, just like our study groups: this allows us to attend to every student's needs personally.
In this way we overcome effectively the difficulties that learning a foreign language may suppose..
At K.W.K,S.L. our aim is to bring you closer to the Spanish language and culture so that you can improve your knowledge of our language through a direct contact with the country and its people.
In the classroom, our communicative method enables you to learn with games, texts and songs.
Through everyday situations, group discussions or role plays your vocabulary will increase, your speaking, listening and writing skills .

Send your enquiry by mail at: tradukwk@acadkwk.net